Barback Jobs in Los Gatos, CA at Shepherd and Sims

Title: Barback

Company: Shepherd and Sims

Location: Los Gatos, CA


The Bar Back holds a unique and important role in the restaurant as a service person to not just our guests, but also our staff. As a Bar Back you are responsible for assisting the bartender with the timely and accurate preparation of all cocktails, wine, beer, juice and soda. At no time is a bar back allowed to mix cocktails, but the bar back will regularly be called upon to pour wine, beer and sodas. The bar back is expected to maintain a clean and presentable bar that is stocked appropriately for service. You are responsible for cleaning and polishing all glassware in the bar. Above all, a bar back at Shepherd & Sims assists the bartender to provide safe and responsible service of alcoholic beverages at all times—confirming legal drinking age through acceptable identification, refusing service to guests who are not of legal drinking age or who may be intoxicated, and communicating with management of any incident involving alcohol. As a bar back you must be prepared to take food orders from our guests, preset appropriate silverware and china for each course and anticipate the needs of all bar patrons.
SERVICE Service should be professional, unobtrusive, accurate, and consistent, offering a level of sophistication to match our discriminating guests. Service is anticipatory not reactionary—what is needed precedes the need (preset silver & glassware, wines before food, etc.). Service is an inherently personal commitment; to serve requires the work of the mind and a friendly and gracious attitude.

What you need to know to do your job changes from day to day. The menu, wines and drinks we feature will often change on a daily basis. Study and keep abreast of these changes; it is your professional responsibility to keep up. You must know the hours of operation, approximate seating capacity, directions, dress code, and phone numbers for the Restaurant.

It is essential that you know the menus we use. You must know preparation methods, ingredients, preparation times, and portion sizes for all food and beverage items. You must know the wine list well enough to answer guest’s general questions and be able to recommend wines and beverages to pair with specific menu items.

Must be able to carry up to 40 pounds.

Maintain professional atmosphere in all guest areas.

Shelves and cabinets should be free of spills, dust and debris.

Maintain the glasswasher in good working order with appropriate chemicals stocked at all times.

Fridges should be cleaned regularly with special attention paid to old fruit and vegetables, long-opened wine bottles, juices and standing water. If it is at a state of inferior quality, it doesn’t belong.

All bar fruit must be washed thoroughly and free of stickers before being used in the bar.

All drinks are served on a coaster/cocktail napkin in the bar.

Familiar with appropriate glass for each drink prepared by the bartender.

You are responsible for cleaning the bar top regularly and maintaining a neat and orderly appearance.

Remove glass, china and silver from guest settings in a timely fashion.

You will be expected to deliver a prompt, friendly greeting whether able to assist immediately or not.

You are responsible for thorough knowledge of all menus.

Provide drink suggestions for guests when appropriate.

Offer food menu for every guest making specific suggestions.

The steps of service should be handled exactly as stated in the “Food Service” section of this manual.

Enter all orders into ALOHA using appropriate modifier keys when applicable.

Aware of storage location of all wines, beer, spirits and mixers.

Accurately identify the labels of different wines from the Shepherd & Sims wine list.

You will be expected to carry out wine service exactly as described in the “Wine Service” section of this manual.

When leaving the floor, you are expected to ensure that your responsibilities will be covered and must notify a bartender and manager beforehand.

You are expected to re-stock any used items before leaving at the end of the shift

A check must be generated and presented to each bar guest immediately upon entry of a new order. A credit card may be given to “hold the tab” but must be filed on the back bar and a receipt generated each time a new entry is made to the tab.

All comps must be approved by a manager. Management empowers you to surprise a guest with a complimentary drink but requires prior communication in order to do so.

The legal drinking age in California is 21 years old. If the guest looks under 30, card him/her; it is your job!

Assist bar team with breakdown and cleanup procedures: clean and sanitize all surfaces, wipe all bottles, mop and squeegee floor, etc.

You are in one of the unique areas in the restaurant that is not regulated by the host. This means that you will often be approached by more guests than you can handle at one time. Because service is so important to the success of our restaurant, it is important to acknowledge each guest
at the bar regardless if you are able to help them immediately or not. When you find yourself in a situation where you will not be able to help a bar guest immediately, the following guidelines will help you meet the service expectations of Shepherd & Sims:

Make eye contact and greet the guest with a warm salutation such as “Welcome to Shepherd & Sims.”

Inform the guest that you will be with them shortly. Always smile and make eye contact—this lets the guest know you are sincere and genuinely want to serve them.

Do not offer excuses for not being able to help them right away (i.e., “Sorry. It’s crazy tonight”). The average guest will be able to recognize your situation and be willing to wait.

When appropriate, offer cocktail menu, dinner menu or wine list to review until you are free.

When returning to the guest after making them wait, thank them for waiting and begin normal service.

Our wine-by-the-glass selection is an important addition to our beverage offerings. This allows our guests to sample many unique wines in a variety of formats. We will offer our guests the opportunity to try wines by the full glass, half glass, taste and flight. It will be the bartender’s responsibility to prepare all wines for service at the beginning of each shift. Please follow these guidelines when managing our by-the-glass service:

All wines-by-the-glass should be served in clean, polished glassware.

Any wine-by-the-glass ordered by a bar patron at the bar should be served by presenting an empty glass on a fresh coaster in front of the guest and followed by an appropriate pour of the ordered wine.

Each wine bottle should be checked upon opening with particular attention to “cork taint.”

Unfinished bottles of wines-by-the-glass should be re-corked at the end of the day.

Each opened bottle left over from the previous day should be checked for quality by the opening bartender.


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